United to bring you a few, excellent beers.

Why should you trust your brand with Lovejoy United?



Craft brewers need dedicated evangelists to help them reach their fullest potential--but selling more is not an end. With evangelism comes higher demand, and need a partner with the integrity and professionalism to ensure your customers get the products they want when they want them.

Lovejoy United will never pass up an opportunity to make our customers happy, and we want to be the partners you need to build momentum the right way. 

We're not the biggest distributor, but we intend to be the best.

We listen

We treat our brewers like clients, not just suppliers. We treat your brew like it's our baby--investing our energy and expertise to helping you grow. But even more importantly--we listen: to you, to customers, and to the people who will present your products to customers every day, such as bar owners, bartenders and waitstaff. By focusing on representing a small number of brewers, we can collect and share critical information to help save your business time and money, presenting you with a real opportunity for growth. We can keep your brand exclusive and in high demand with this approach. 

We approach our business as curators

A good beer or cider is not just a liquid, it's an experience.

We take our motto "the record label for craft beer" seriously. Lovejoy United is unique in its attention to image development: ours and your products'. In the process, we don't look like other distributors, nor do we act like them.

Using the market intelligence we collect and analyse every day, we provide our partners with the production plans you need to meet changing market demand as it occurs. We are able forecast demand and manage supply chains, keeping you focused and busy on brewing the right products at the right time


Movies are released on Friday, but albums are released on Tuesday.
We will promote new products weeks in advance, demonstrate them on Sundays and our famous Monday SIP (service-industry party) events, for release to the general public on Tuesdays. We understand how to build excitement and anticipation for new products, which will jumpstart demand for your brews. We use grassroots engagement techniques and will build new loyal customers for your products who will seek out your latest creations the day they are brought to market. To make this happen, we will work with you to build a production schedule from test batch, to test tasting, to full production to full promotion to wide release. This will result in a better experience, where thinking ahead will align your products with consumers and retailers who are ready to embrace it, as well as the seasonal realities of consuming your beers


Lead time

Lead time is the number one variable in a supply chain. This means that we both need to understand how much of a particular product to brew must be anticipated many weeks in advance. Lovejoy United's supply chain management system takes data from source A (point-of-sale data, retailer interviews) to predict ordering for your products.